Why should jewelers use data analytics?

JewelTrace Data Analytics


Business Intelligence through RFID powered live data analytics

Inventory: Daily visibility on merchandise movement including viewed/not viewed, slow-moving and dead stock. The ability to capture live data on items viewed and then compare it to items sold, allows a jeweler to understand customer trends, the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and capture slow-moving or dead stock early.

*  This type of data is not possible from any ERP or POS software used by jewelers today.

Sales: By branch or individual showcase from inside a store. Filter sales by style, brand, sales date, showcase, customer and sale by an employee.

Employees: View & compare activities by an employee from the number of customers served, items shown, length of time per customer, conversion ratios, and average amount sold. This will give owners the information needed to help tweak their sales team for more conversions.

Customers: Track every store visit, who served them, what the customer viewed, was quoted or bought and their purchase power. Collate customer data to recognize shopping trends, preferences and then use this data for targeted marketing and promotion opportunities.

Transactions: View and collate all transactions from sales to quotes by date, salesperson, customer, branch, etc. All data is captured with the use of the JewelTrace app by the sales team inside the showroom or out in the field.

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