RFID Data Analytics & Inventory Management for Jewelers

JewelTrace Logo SmallAbout JewelTrace: It is brought to you by Spacecode Technologies, which spearheaded the adoption of RFID inventory management in the global diamond industry and other high-value industries.

JewelTrace for jewelers was developed because:

    1. Technology was needed due to the digital disruption in that space.
    2. There is a very high percentage of deadstock and a high cost of holding on to it.
    3. No visibility on inventory movement, especially items viewed but not sold and not viewed items.
    4. Very little if no data into understanding customer trends, sales team contribution, and stock management.
    5. Long-winded manual inventory counts, mislaid items and unproductive processes contribute to high costs and losses.
    6. The need for digital tools to help a sales team increase conversions, to increase the customer experience and to facilitate processes.

Our team of engineers, developers and strategists created JewelTrace and now Jewelry retailers can track, trace and collect data on each item movement inside the store, every sales interaction and gather data on individual customers.

The data analytics dashboard provides deep business intelligence giving jewelers tools to decide how to grow their individual business. Reports show frequency of items being shown, which employee shows them and which customers the items are shown to.  JewelTrace is not a POS, it is so much, and it can integrate straight into your own POS, to get your data working super fast.

Our vision is to deliver transformational track and trace inventory management solutions for jewelers using a seamless platform of innovative RFID-powered technology. JewelTrace delivers a new jewelry industry standard and way of doing business.


More about Spacecode Technologies

Spacecode connects the physical world to the digital world, based on a proprietary multi-faceted technology platform. We provide enterprise and industrial hardware and solutions for smart inventory management, track and trace, anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting, and brand protection.

The patented technology solutions connect multi-spectrum (optical, RFID, NFC) tagging technologies with the blockchain and other digital inventory and ERP systems. Services facilitate innovation and growth across a range of industries including diamonds, jewelry and healthcare.

Spacecode track and trace business solutions are used by diamond companies around the world to track and trace over 10 million diamonds worldwide. Head office is in Geneva, with offices in Paris, Mumbai, Surat & Ramat Gan, as well as distributors throughout the GCC and the Far East.

For more information on Spacecode’s Intelligent Track and Trace solutions for high-value assets visit us at: www.spacecode.com