User and Customer Experience

User and Customer Experience In Jewelry Retail

It's all about the User and Customer Experience

UX/CX for the Jewelry Industry

A good user experience (UX ) of your website is vitally important to attracting new users to your site (SEO strategy). What is even more important, is the customer experience (CX) inside your store. For 87% of customers, their journey begins online,  so it is vitally important that your websites UX is optimally tweaked.  But keep in mind that 82% of the times the buyer's journey is completed inside the store. Also, 62% of online shoppers research big-ticket items in-store before buying online, so your in-store CX is equally important.

Looking at 2021, the user experience is expected to have a higher impact on clients. Google is now placing a greater emphasis on the user experience. Give your website a makeover regularly and update your technology to offer the customer a great user experience that will prompt them to either buy online or visit one of your stores.

Using Data to Enhance Customer Experience

Retailers are starting to recognize the need for data analytics, and how they can use it to better target prospective customers, optimize customer experience, and bridge the gap between online and in-store. The data that retailers can collect, both online and in-store, can offer extremely helpful insight in tailoring the experience to individual customers.

For example, by knowing when a customer is most likely to browse your website, what pages he or she will look at, when they will visit your store, and ultimately once in-store, what items will they look at, what items they will not look at and what items will they eventually purchase, a retailer then can send offers at times and in situations that have the best chance of encouraging a client to buy.

Digital Tools is a must to increase Customer Experience

It is necessary to offer a complete user and customer experience. Technology is continuously changing the way companies and consumers do business. A business today needs to ask:

  1. Am I thinking of technology as a tool, something that my business can use to increase profits, decrease losses, enhance the customer experience, increase the chance of converting a sale and give me insight on inventory, sales activities and customer trends inside my stores?
  2. What digital tools with what features actually make my customer’s experience better?

What sets you apart from thousands of competitors?

Research shows that the customer experience is the number one priority for differentiation from other brands. So make sure you have done everything to offer your clients the best possible user experience both online and offline by the use of data and technology.

The bigger brands understand the power of a good user experience and spend a lot of money towards it, unlike the majority of SME's that continue with an outdated form of selling.

The retail industry today has been completely revolutionized by emerging technologies. Yet the user and customer experience will still be the most critical consideration for both creativity and growth.

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