Jewelry Retail Technology for a Great Customer Experience

Leading brands and small jewelry stores share many goals – a key one being customer experience and loyalty. What do customers expect from their store experience today? Well, according a bunch of research, customer happiness equals personalized, seamless and convenient shopping experiences. In addition, they want instore digital tools that they can relate to and which help them make a purchase decision. Does it sound like a tall order? It really isn’t. Retail-focused technology has changed all that. And with JewelTrace it is now available for small and big stores alike.

Control the comparing

Customers love to compare

Now you can control items that customers compare, directly at the showcase. Pull up items they are viewing in store and compare the details of each item directly on the tablet. The displays compares material, diamond quality, gemstone types, price of items (you preset the specs  yourselves). Give your customers the right to compare – in your store, from between your merchandise and not elsewhere.

Increase Customer Experience with Digital Tools
JewelTrace Share feature to Increase Customer Experience
Share to sell

The sharing is caring revolution

How often do your customers ask if they can take a picture of an item to send to their mum, their friends, their wife? Like all the time! JewelTrace retailers can share items directly with customers inside the store.

It packages each of your ‘shares’ with your own quality images wrapped in your own brand identity and offers product details, just like an online experience, only better.

Sharing is done via WhatsApp, messenger or email. This puts your product and brand in the hands of customers and their friends and family. Agreat way to increase conversions and customer experience.

Let's get personal

Know your customer history

JewelTrace makes it easy to capture customer details right at the showcase and develop their profile. Increase the customer experience when they come back through your door,  by immediately finding a specific item/s that they previously viewed inside your store or get insights from their purchase and viewing preferences.

JewelTrace helps bring customers back to the store
Get customers back to the store

Hyper-personalize your marketing

SmarterHQ reports that ‘Millennials prefer personalized emails over batch and blast’. That’s is easy with online shopping that tracks every click of a customer. Until now it has been impossible in the store environment.

Well, JewelTrace has changed that by tracking and aggregating customer data of their views, sales, orders and shares. Your data reports show individual customer preferences, study their purchase history to understand their price points and tastes. Now you can create hyper-personalized marketing combining offline and online to match their profiles and get them back through your door. This feature not only creates a great customer experience but also increases sales conversions.

Increase Your Jewelry Customer Experience

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