Increase Customer Experience with JewelTace

JewelTrace Virtual Stock Display


Convert more sales & increase customer experience with digital tools

Increase your customer's experience and keep consumers happy and satisfied. This will create a community of loyal customers that keep coming back for more and will recommend your brand to friends and family. The JewelTrace solution for jewelers has multiple ways to increase customer experience:

  1. Handle Multiple Items:
    With the JewelTrace safety & tracking features, allow customers to handle multiple items all at once, without the fear of losing an item.
  2. Virtual Stock:
    You don't have what the customer is looking for in your store? No problem! Expand your merchandise by showing and selling virtual stock. High-quality CAD images, movie images or even 3D virtual images will allow a client to purchase an item that is not in your store.
  3. Compare Multiple Items:
    Use the JewelTrace compare feature and allow clients to view the product details of multiple items that they are interested in, which can help them come to a decision.
  4. Share Images:
    Easily capture customer data by sharing branded images of items with details of your choice, by email, WhatsApp, etc. – so they can share with friends and family.
  5. Know Your Client:
    Impress them by pulling up their personal profile to see last viewed, shared and purchased items from past visits. Offer personalized and memorable store visits based on their browsing and purchase history
  6. Personalized Marketing:
    Bring back customers with personalized marketing based around viewed, quoted, shared and purchased items from a previous visit. Offer them incentives to either purchase their items of interest online or come back to the store and complete the sale.

JewelTrace will not only help you increase customer experience but can provide you with digital tools that will give you important insight on inventory, sales activity, customer trends and help you capture customer data inside your store.

Contact us today and learn how to empower your jewelry business with our RFID-powered inventory management solution for your business. JewelTrace is powered by Spacecode the leading  RFID technology for diamonds and jewelry.

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