Get real data from inside your jewelry store

Our goal is to get awesome jewelry data analytics into the hands of retailers by capturing merchandise movement, employees, customers and sales conversions from right inside your store. This ground-breaking technology using RFID, facilitates track and trace on every item, to transform the way you can see your business and performance levels of individual product and sales staff.


Jewelry Retail Reports and Analysis

The dashboard for jewelers provides reports and business intelligence including the who, what, when and where of every item in your store such as:

Dashboard for jewelers with reports on sales, inventory, conversion ratios, employee viewing rates, customer views, and so much more.

Deep inventory analytics

What jewelry items are viewed by customers and what are not. What items are viewed and not bought. Understand your slow-moving and dead inventory.

Personalize your customer experience

Track every customer visit, who served them, what they viewed. Share item details with them and see reports on most shared items. Track individual customer history of their orders, quotes or purchases. Then get started on your O2O marketing efforts: online to offline and offline to online.

In-depth sales reports

Not just another sales report. With JewelTrace data analytics you view sales by branch or individual showcase in a store. You can filter sales by style, brand, sales date, showcase, customer and sale by an employee.

Improving employee performance

View and compare activities by employee from number of customers served, what items your sales staff show or ignore, how long are they spending with customers and their conversion rates.

Track promoted merchandise

Track your visual merchandising techniques. Move items around the store, create different promotional areas and monitor how this directly affects viewing and sales – item by item.

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Inventory Count

It takes minutes to scan thousands of items, and scan reports show you when items are unaccounted for immediately (you can then search for undetected items immediately using the JewelTrace Locate feature). Reduce loss, theft and the cost of time-consuming manual inventory counts


Join the JewelTech revolution

All you need is the JewelTrace package: hardware (handheld scanners, JewelTrays & jewelry tags) and a JewelTrace app subscription for each mobile device

JewelTrace Dashboard showing key data bites and take-aways for jewelery businesses