Answered: Your Burning Questions About RFID Jewelry Management

RFID for Jewelry Stores

Questions About RFID Jewelry Management

Answered: Your Burning Questions About RFID Jewelry Management

We answered a bunch of questions about RFID jewelry management and RFID in general, that we collected from jewelers.  Have a look at the answers from our experts and learn how RFID  combined with specialized tech, is changing inventory management and business intelligence for jewelry retailers of every size.

1. What is RFID?

RFID is highly useful for inventory management and tracking of goods. Instead of manually counting jewelry items or using a barcode scanner to scan items, one by one, (which is very time consuming!), you can count your entire inventory in minutes, instead of hours or days. With the right combination of RFID readers and tags, together with a specialized jewelry management app you can do a whole lot more than just counting and tracking.


2. How can I track my jewelry inventory through RFID?

The SKU is encoded in the JewelTrace RFID jewelry tag. This enables you to understand which of your items are being scanned and where. In the JewelTrace software and App you will be able to view all the data details, just like in your ERP or POS.


3. Can a RFID tag transmit information to a mobile App?

It most certainly can. JewelTrace has an app that uses RFID to track jewelry inventory and understand what items are being viewed by whom, when and where, inside your store. The app is connected to a web portal where jewelers can view the data, such as which jewelry items are viewed and sold, what items are viewed but not sold and what items are never viewed by customers. It also collects data on customers and potential customers, as well as data on the activities of salespeople. All this data is collected seamlessly and in real-time.


4. Which company provides Android-based applications for RFID tracking for jewelry?

JewelTrace provides both Android and iOS applications used by retailers and wholesalers. The app facilitates tracking, locating misplaced items, view details of items in stock, as well as digital sales and management tools including virtual stock, quote, memo, invoice, share, captures customer details and viewing history and so much more.


A jeweler performing a JewelTrace RFID powered jewelry inventory count of thousands of items in minutes

5. What are the best RFID jewelry tags? 

If you want a RFID solution that is highly accurate and beneficial it is very important to have the correct readers and jewelry tags. It is important to know that not all RFID is equal nor the same. What works in the fashion industry for example will almost certainly not work for jewelry items. The reason for this is the high metal concentration and proximity of tags to each other. So, it is important to only purchase tags from vendors specializing in the jewelry industry.



6. How complicated is it to set up RFID Jewelry tracking in my store?

This can be super easy and fast. It all depends on whether you want a stand-alone software & App, or the solution integrated into your existing ERP or POS. Either way JewelTrace RFID Jewelry tracking works with both options.


7. Does RFID give me more security?

Yes. JewelTrace also lets you track all items shown to a customer. Before taking the items back from a customer, you can use the system to check and confirm that all the items that have been viewed, are still there. If an item is missing, then JewelTrace will identify which item it is and help you locate it before the customer leaves the store. If a piece of jewelry has accidentally fallen into someone’s jacket pocket or bag ‎you will be able to locate it easily.


8. How fast can a RFID tag be tracked?

RFID scanning is really fast. It can read between 100 to 300 tags per second, depending on the reader, tags, distance and the environment.

9. How does the RFID tag system work? 

A special RFID printer is required to print the info required on your jewelry tag and will also encode the SKU into the chip of the tag. This is simple and easy to do once you have done it a few times.


RIFD Jewelry Tags.

10. How is RFID used in jewelry management software?

RFID can be integrated into any inventory management software and provide all types of reports on the movement of items during a day, week, month and year. It is also used to quickly issue and receive large amounts of goods and create invoices, memos, etc.

11. Does an RFID tag track movement?

Yes. Every time a tag is scanned by a reader inside a store or office, it will inform you of the item scanned as well as the location, time and user that scanned it.


12. Is RFID a good investment for my jewelry business?

If you are not already using RFID inside your store you are falling behind your competitors. RFID is an excellent opportunity with a high ROI. Not only does it save time and money, but it increases conversions and foot fall via targeted marketing. The data analytics offered by JewelTrace help you identify and decrease your dead and slow-moving stock, easily and consistently. It will most definitely increase the customer experience in many ways as well as providing tools to your sales team, to help them close more sales while freely capturing client’s data.


If you have any more questions about RFID jewelry management and how it can improve operations, insights, sales, customer retention and merchandise choices. Then feel free to reach out to the JewelTrace team with any additional questions that you might have.

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