Latest Developments in RFID Jewelry Tags That You Have To Know.

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JewelTrace RFID Tags

Latest Developments in RFID Jewelry Tags that every jewelry should know

What are RFID Jewelry Tags and how do they work?

Jewelry tags are not what they used to be. Not long ago tags used to be little paper tags with strings attached with tiny notes of handwritten information or attached with a sticky label. Not any more. Today the RFID jewelry tag is robust & sleek, easy to attach and remove, with printed details. They also have built-in memory with product information which supports and grow businesses.

Let’s kick off with main advantages: by using the JewelTrace RFID jewelry tags over other technologies, such as barcode, jewelers can identify and count large numbers of items simultaneously without the need for a line of sight. They facilitate easy tracking of inventory and streamline time-consuming labor processes. In a nutshell: stock count becomes an accurate, efficient and speedy task.

Not all RFID Jewelry Tags are equal

Let's see .... which vehicle is preferable for an off-road trip?

Kind of says it all right? You need to be super careful of which technology you adopt.

Let's explain RFID Jewelry tags in a technology way: As RFID frequency increases, (UHF – 900 MHz), so does the environmental impact, especially with metal (jewelry, safes, etc.). Our chip technology design uses power-efficient non-tuned tags so there is no need to rely on only one ‘resonant’ or ‘tuned’ frequency.

All chip communications are in phase, which means that the signal reply strength from the tag to the reader is maximized for optimal tag detection. This is what makes JewelTrace jewelry tags the most powerful and most advanced technology solution available.

RFID jewelry tags offer exceptional efficiency in managing and monitoring merchandise and business practices:

  • Track, audit and review reports and data attached to the individual movement of items and transactions in real-time and historically
  • Count jewelry inventory in a fast, automated and simple manner
  • Identify and locate jewelry merchandise anywhere in your store, within minutes

Why JewelTrace Tags? 

100% reliability and accuracy

Deterministic anti-collision algorithm + phasing + detuned tags + uniform field physics
Result: This guarantees that all tags are powered tags and detected tags.

Outstanding ability to read jewelry tags in close proximity

Advanced phasing + detuned tags + customized tag-to-reader coding and modulation
Assurance: Large numbers of jewelry tags in close proximity can be read without error.

Excellent ability to read tags in multiple orientations

Sophisticated design + uniform field physics
Result: Easy reading of multiple items in any/all orientations.

Dense well-defined read range 

Precision antenna design in both tags and readers + uniform and defined field physics + no null spots
Translates to:  Zero tags will be falsely detected beyond the antennae range and 2. No tags are missed in null spots.

Excellent performance for metal products and environments 

Use of non-resonant tags + optimal RF frequency + phasing
Guarantees: Ability to read multiple jewelry tags attached to metal products.

High tuned RFID jewelry tags 

Employs: High-performance chips on our tags + unique protocol
Assurance that multiple tags will be read in challenging conditions

In conclusion,  JewelTrace RFID jewelry tags stand out from the crowd. If you want jewelry tags that you can trust to be robust, store vital item information and help boost your business performance. Contact us for a JewelTrace demo.

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