Delivering jewelry data analytics at the JA Convention

The JewelTrace team demonstrating the RFID jewelry solution of data analytics and inventory management solution at the Jewelers of America Convention in NY in 2019.

JewelTrace introduces jewelers to powerful data analytics tools at the JA National Convention

New York, July 30, 2019:  JewelTrace, the data analytics and inventory management solution for jewelers exhibited at the inaugural Jewelers of America National Convention in New York on July 28-29, 2019. A key focus of the discussions was on technology, data and how retailers need to change their way of doing business to attract and retain customer attention and provide greater personalized service using digital tools in store and in management.

Participating in the Retail Innovation Lab, the JewelTrace team was able to demonstrate the breakthrough innovative RFID-powered system taking jewelry retail to the next level. By capturing the movement of each item in the store, the solution gives jewelers proprietary data analytics on the who, what, when and where of merchandise such as: items viewed, sold, not sold, shared or ordered.

The customer journey

The App captures customer details at the showcase for individual reports on their viewing and purchase history, facilitating hyper-personalized instore service and post-visit marketing. Sales are accelerated with the customer journey tools include a Compare feature which displays multiple items with their details, and items are shared on WhatsApp or email for customers to show friends and family.

Speedy inventory count and locate

The JewelTrace inventory scan means that jewelers can painlessly and swiftly perform inventory counts with thousands of items counted in minutes, with 100% accuracy. Convention participants were especially excited by the Locate feature which lets you instantly scan for a specific item among their entire inventory.

Jewelry data dashboard

A data dashboard for jewelers delivers exclusive business intelligence with easy to read reports on dead stock, most viewed items through to employee reports showing how many customers they served, for how long, what items they showed, shared and sold them.

Jewelers of America National Convention

“The JA National Convention was a great opportunity for JewelTrace to interact with leading US jewelers and introduce them to innovative ways technology can develop and support their businesses and operations. We received an amazing response from the participants and look forward to joining the 2020 convention,” said George Marakis, Global Sales Director of JewelTrace.

About Spacecode Technologies
Spacecode connects the physical world to the digital world, based on a proprietary multi-faceted technology platform. We provide enterprise and industrial hardware and solutions for smart inventory management, track and trace, anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting, and brand protection.

The patented technology solutions connect multi-spectrum (optical, RFID, NFC) tagging technologies with the blockchain and other digital inventory and ERP systems. Services facilitate innovation and growth across a range of industries including diamonds, jewelry and healthcare.

Spacecode head office is in Geneva, with offices in Paris, Mumbai and Surat, as well as distributors throughout the GCC and the Far East. For more information on Spacecode’s Intelligent Track and Trace solutions for high-value assets visit:


credit: Bart Goren

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